a. 目的

The purpose of the harassment policy is to ensure that all persons will enjoy a safe environment free from unreasonable interference, 恐吓, 敌意, or offensive behavior on the part of anyone associate with the University.  我们承认骚扰, 性或其他, 是非法的,是莱姆斯通大学不能容忍的.

b. 政策

The policy of 十大正规网博平台 is to maintain a work environment free from all forms of harassment and to insist that all persons associated with the University be treated with dignity, 尊重, 和礼貌.

根据本政策, 种族歧视:任何与一个人的种族有关的评论或行为, 性别, 宗教, 残疾, 年龄, 遗传信息, or ethnic background which fail to 尊重 the dignity and feeling of the individual are unacceptable.

This policy extends to conduct of a sexual nature including sexual harassment, 性暴力, 以及基于性别的欺凌.  This policy includes all 教师, 工作人员, students, and administrators of 十大正规网博平台.

c. 性骚扰

莱姆斯通大学的性骚扰被定义为不受欢迎, 基于性别的言语和身体行为足够严重, persistent or pervasive that it has the effect of unreasonably interfering with, limiting or denying someone the ability to participate in or benefit from the college’s educational program.  The unwelcome behavior may be based on power differentials (quid pro quo), 营造敌对的环境, 或报复.


  1. 不受欢迎的性挑逗, requests for 性支持 or other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature; and
  2. submission to or rejection of such conduct results in adverse educational or employment action.

Hostile Work environment includes any situation in which there is harassing conduct that is sufficiently severe, 普遍的/持续的和明显的, objectively offensive that it alters the conditions of education of employment, from both a subjective (the alleged victim’s) and an objective (reasonable person’s) viewpoint.

Retaliatory 骚扰 is any adverse employment or educational action taken against a person because of the person’s participation in a complaint or investigation of discrimination of sexual misconduct.


  • 不受欢迎的或不请自来的性评论或暗示
  • Oral, written, or electronic communications that are sexually explicit in nature
  • Sexually explicit questions, jokes, or anecdotes about 性别-specific traits
  • 性暗示的声音, 手势, 礼物, 或者像杂志这样的视觉材料, 图片, 海报, 照片, 漫画, 或者图纸
  • Direct or indirect threats concerning 性支持 or the refusal to consent to 性支持
  • 色盲,不请自来的触摸,抚摸或手势
  • 主动提出性建议的交流, 日期请求, 性支持, 或淫秽的言论或声音
  • 抚摸、拍打、拥抱、抚摸一个人的身体;
  • 强迫性交
  • 性侵犯或虐待

这一政策也适用于涉及性的评论或行为, where such behavior tends to threaten or offend any person under the jurisdiction of the University.  这项政策也包括通过电子邮件骚扰, 传真, 电话, 以及任何其他形式的电子通信.

Verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature will be considered to be sexual harassment when:

  1. Submission to such conduct is made a condition of an individual’s employment, 生活, 或者学术环境.
  2. Submission to or rejection of such conduct by an individual is used as the basis for employment or academic evaluation decisions affecting such individual.
  3. Such conduct has the purpose or effect of interfering with an individual’s work or academic performance or creating an unfriendly or offensive work, 生活, 或者学术环境.
  4. 十大正规网博平台 also prohibits harassment towards its employees and students by persons who are not employed by 十大正规网博平台.  如果一个供应商, 修理的人, or other non-十大正规网博平台 employee eng年龄s in unwelcome sexual words or conduct, please report this to a man年龄r or supervisor so the appropriate preventive steps can be taken.

十大正规网博平台 recognizes that persons of both sexes work together and communicate.  Although there is no absolute definition of conduct which constitutes sexual harassment in every case, all persons are asked to conduct themselves reasonably in accordance with the preceding guidelines.  十大正规网博平台 will not tolerate any conduct which fails to comply with the letter and spirit of these guidelines.

如果你要投诉莱姆斯通大学的学生, 教师, 工作人员, 或者管理员性骚扰, 性别歧视, 或者性侵犯, you should contact the 第九条 Co-Coordinator or one of the Designated Deputy Coordinators.

All complaints received by the 第九条 Co-Coordinators will be investigated promptly and equitably and the results of the investigation will be shared with both parties, 30天内或不超过60天.

For more information about 十大正规网博平台’s policies which are in accordance with 第九条, 禁止歧视和性骚扰的政策, 有关申诉程序的详细说明,请访问 www.十大正规网博平台.edu/knowyourrights.